Senior Commercial Executive, Sports

Location United States
Posted Date April 06, 2023
Company Email [email protected]
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Job type Full Time

The Senior Commercial Executive, Sports role at Flutter Entertainment Plc involves leading the company's commercial efforts within the sports vertical. The primary responsibility of this position is to create and execute a robust commercial strategy that aligns with the overall business objectives and drives revenue growth and market share expansion.

To achieve these objectives, the Senior Commercial Executive, Sports will be responsible for building and maintaining relationships with key partners and stakeholders in the sports industry, such as rights holders, broadcasters, and third-party providers. They will also need to identify new business opportunities and markets for the sports vertical and develop go-to-market plans to capitalize on them.

The Senior Commercial Executive, Sports will need to lead and manage a team of commercial professionals, providing guidance and support to help them achieve their goals. They will also need to collaborate with other departments within the company, such as marketing, product, and finance, to ensure that the sports vertical is aligned with the broader business strategy. Furthermore, staying up-to-date on industry trends and the competitive landscape through conducting market analysis and research is crucial for this role.

To excel in this position, the ideal candidate will need extensive experience in commercial roles within the sports industry and a proven track record of successfully developing and executing commercial strategies. They should possess strong leadership skills, including the ability to inspire and motivate a team to achieve results. Effective communication and interpersonal skills are essential, as is the ability to build relationships with external partners and stakeholders. Furthermore, a deep understanding of the sports industry and its trends, as well as an analytical mindset, will be essential for success in this role.