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DigitalRG aims to help companies measure and act on their social and environmental impact. We continously launch new content and tools that are adapted to changing world of #ESG-Environment-Social-Governance #CSR-Corporate-Social-Responsibilitiy #Sustainablity #People-Planet-Profit #Or-Just-Simply-Good-Business

We saved the value of the membership in audit costs in the first 4 months of joining
Fanney, Head of Sustainability, NLS
DigitalRG made it easy to digitise data collection for our reporting and satisfy regulation requirements.
Sanna, Chief Strategy Officer, MDJS
The platform helped us navigate the complex RG certifications with all necesssary training & tools.
Jaume, CEO, Gencat
4 Steps to approch
We provide tools and services to help companies with 4 stages of their impact journey.
Gap Analysis
Inderstanding how well they are currently doing. what gaps can be found. now they
Objective & Action Plan
Define where a company want to go and give concrete action plan to help you to go their
Implement & Train
Give you the tools, eLearning & expert to help you to implement a successful plan
Date & KPI tracker
Monitring the effectiveness or your actions to get to your objectives faster
Case Studies
Global tech company
Their Key Objective
Achieve an industry CSR certification
First Steps
- Kick-off meeting with the senior management - Used our gap analysis tools to identify key actions - Launch training to all employees
3 deliverables within the first 3 months
- Automanted gap analysis - KPI tracker setup - Training to all teams and parteners.
About Us DigitalRG is all about making it as easy and efficient as possible for companied to increase their new positive impact on society and the environment.
Laura Sustainablity Director
Marta ESG expert
Phoebe CSR consultant

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