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Improve your company's impact on society & environment.

National Lotteries were created to raise money for good causes or their state. They need to do so in the right way, by improving their impact. DigitalRG is a tried and tested platform, leading the way to understanding how lotteries can become net-positive contributors to society and the environment.

Because it’s not just about “what you do with the money you earn”, it has to be more about “how” and “why” you operate in the first place.

4 Easy Steps to get Certified

We use a proven 4 step approach to help lotteries assess and improve their impact.

See available Certifications & Standards
Assess your current practices against competitors and industry standards using our assessments, benchmarking and certification tools.
Create a plan without reinventing the wheel. Implement industry best practices that work by using our integrated tools.
Fill in any training and policy gaps in your organisation with our e-learning services and educational content in multiple languages, or use our team of experts to develop tailored training and policies.
Continually monitor your progress with our KPI tracker and reporting templates to ensure you spend your time and effort on activities that truly improve impact.


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Experts on Demand

Providing you access to the best experts for all issues related to sustainability or impact. We have tested and selected experts who will be able to assist you. Services, and solutions are available through the platform including the ability to book independent auditors for your certifications.


DigitalRG provides the most up to date world class training to improve employees or partners understanding of sustainability. Members of DigitalRG will have access to a number of training modules from "What is Safer Gambling?" to more detailed training on "How to measure carbon emission in a retail store".

  • Tailored and generic training
  • Multiple languages
  • Video based
  • Satisfaction, knowledge tracking and measurement tools

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Doing well by doing


Our mission is simple - help companies do well, by doing business right.

We believe that companies should aim to have a net-positive impact on both society and the environment. We try to do this ourselves by living our values and considering our own impact on society and the environment everyday.

Additionally, we invest part of our profits in other organisations we believe in such as Energy Gardens, a pioneering organisation dedicated to generating renewable energy, greening overground stations, improving air quality, and increasing biodiversity while empowering communities to take climate action.

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Our Proven Solution

We want to get your business further on the journey towards net positive impact and our platform provides a proven and guided support through 3 impact stages :

Help companies understand their requirements to do the basics well, as required by evolving certifications, standards and regulations.
Help companies be on-par with the leaders of their industry with regards to "good business practices."
Develop leaders in net-impact, who will push their industry, peers and other stakeholders further.