DigitalRG helps companies with their journey towards net positive impact.

Join the platform to access all the tools and training you need to assess, conceive, implement and evaluate an effective sustainability / ESG strategy.

Trusted by clients in 10+ countries
4 Step approach
We provide tools and services to help companies with 4 stages of their impact journey.
Gap Analysis
Understanding how well you are currently doing. What gaps can be found.
Objective & Action Plan
Define where a company wants to go and give a concrete action plan.
Implement & Train
Give you the tools, eLearning & expertise.
Data & KPI tracker
Monitoring the effectiveness of your actions to get to your objectives faster.

DigitalRG aims to prevent you from reinventing the wheel. This is why we have digitised a number of processes based on 10+ years of experience and experience with over 50 clients. Tools include: Stakeholder Mapping, Materiality Mapping, Learning Management Systems, KPI tracker and more.


DigitalRG provides you with the training that you need to improve employees or partners understanding of sustainability. Members of DRG will have access to a number of training modules from "What is ESG?" to more detailed training on "how to measure carbon emission in a retail store". Tailored or generic eLearning, Multiple languages, video based, track understanding and satisfaction.

Experts on Demand

DigitalRG is about providing you access to the best experts there are on issues related to sustainability or impact. We have tested and selected experts who will be able to assist you. You can buy their solutions or services through the platform.

  • WLA RG
  • EL RG
  • ISO 26000
  • B-CORP
  • ISO 16000
  • ISO 9000

DigitalRG covers any issues relating to "doing well by having a positive impact" on society and the environment. These include: ESG ( Environment Social Governance), Sustainability, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), People Planet Profit, Responsible Gaming, Responsible Consumption, Labour Practices, Diversity & Inclusion, Sports Integrity, Non-Financial Reporting, Stakeholder Engagement and more...


DigitalRG is being used by companies in the following industries: Lottery, Sports Betting, Gaming, Gambling, Banking, Technology. To enquire about your industry.

Client Testimonials

DigitalRG aims to help companies measure and act on their social and environmental impact. We continuously launch new content and tools to adapt to the changing world of #ESG-Environment-Social-Governance #CSR-Corporate-Social-Responsibilitiy #Sustainability #People-Planet-Profit #Or-Just-Simply-Good-Business

We saved the value of the membership in audit costs in the first 4 months of joining.
Fanney, Head of Sustainability, NLS
DigitalRG made it easy to digitise data collection for our reporting.
Sanna, Chief Strategy Officer, MDJS
The platform helped us navigate the complex RG certifications with all necesssary training & tools.
Jaume, CEO, Gencat
Case Study
In 2021, the European Lotteries Association made the Responsible Gaming certification mandatory for all its members. Swisslos was one of the lotteries yet to be certified, despite having work on responsible gaming matters for many years.
Gap analysis tool
Talent: experts on demand
Stakeholder mapping tool
Certification achieved in under 3 months.
Auditing and overall certification costs reduced
Achieving the EL Responsible Gaming Certification in record time
About Us DigitalRG is all about making it as easy and efficient as possible for companies to increase their positive impact on society and the environment.
Laura Sustainablity Director
Marta ESG expert
Phoebe CSR consultant

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