World Lottery Association (WLA) Certifications
Levels 2, 3, and 4 on digitalRG
Introduction to WLA Certifications
The World Lottery Association (WLA) Certifications for responsible gaming are a globally recognised series of accreditations, designed to benchmark and improve the responsible gaming practices of lottery organisations. Levels 2, 3, and 4 of these certifications represent advanced stages of commitment and implementation of responsible gaming standards. Each level signifies a deeper dedication towards player protection, ethical gaming practices, and social responsibility.
Achieving WLA Certification Levels
Level 2: Integration of Responsible Gaming into Daily Operations

Requirements: Organisations must demonstrate the integration of responsible gaming principles into their daily operations. This includes staff training, effective communication of responsible gaming policies, and the implementation of player protection measures.

Process: The process involves a detailed self-assessment, followed by submission of documented evidence to the WLA for review.

Level 3: Establishing and Implementing a Comprehensive Responsible Gaming Program

Requirements: This level requires the development and implementation of a comprehensive responsible gaming program. It demands a more rigorous assessment of the effectiveness of responsible gaming policies and their impact on players.

Process: Organisations must undergo a thorough internal review and submit to WLA through

Level 4: Achieving Best Practice and Continuous Improvement

Requirements: The highest certification level demands adherence to global best practices in responsible gaming. Organisations must demonstrate continuous improvement and innovation in their responsible gaming initiatives.

Process: This level requires a rigorous internal assessment, an external independent audit and to submit your scertification through digitalRG to WLA.

How digitalRG Can Assist
digitalRG, as an expert platform in the field of responsible gaming, offers specialised services to assist organisations in attaining and maintaining WLA certification levels:
Guided Pathways for Each Level
We provide tailored guides and resources for each certification level, helping organisations understand and meet the specific requirements effectively.
Audit Preparation and Support
Our team offers comprehensive support in preparing for both internal assessments and external audits, ensuring that organisations are well-equipped to demonstrate compliance with WLA standards.
Training and Capacity Building
We offer a range of training programs and workshops to build the capacity of staff at all levels, focusing on the nuances of responsible gaming practices as per WLA guidelines.
Continuous Improvement Tools
digitalRG provides tools for continuous monitoring and improvement of responsible gaming practices, essential for maintaining higher-level certifications and staying aligned with evolving standards.
Networking and Best Practices
Access to a network of industry experts and a repository of best practices allows organisations to learn from others’ experiences and continually enhance their responsible gaming initiatives.
Through digitalRG, lottery organisations can navigate the complexities of WLA certifications with confidence, ensuring their practices not only comply with global standards but also contribute positively to the broader goal of responsible gaming.