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Global Reporting Index and Loteries de Catalunya
1 min read
November 25, 2022 By Laura Da Silva
Loteries de Catalunya just published their first annual report aligned with the GRI standards. That's many first in just a few years. Indeed, they were the first lottery to achieve the 2021 EL Responsible Gaming certification last year. Sustainab...
Authentic Sustainability Assessment
3 min read
Sustainability ESG CSR Reporting
November 06, 2022 By Laura Da Silva
We often feel conflicted when working with clients on sustainability reporting. Many do understand that it's not an end in itself, but a tool to help further impact improvement. But, unfortunately, the majority do not. Many see reporting as a way...
Don’t take chances at your WLA RG certification
6 min read
Reporting Responsible gaming
October 10, 2022 By Laura Da Silva
Interview with the Chair of the Independent Assessment Panel - Anne Pattberg  Every Lottery going through the association’s RG certification journey knows their submission will be assessed by the World Lottery Association (WLA) Independ...
The EU Regulation that Will Affect You!
6 min read
September 27, 2022 By Laura Da Silva
“The responsibility for transitioning to a sustainably conscious society lies increasingly with companies which will be required to transparently report about their economic, environmental and social impacts,” said Anne Pattberg, Managing Director of...
Lotteries and the Environment: Past, Present and Future
5 min read
September 27, 2022
In June 2022, the European Lotteries Environmental Initiative was launched. This initiative aims to create a space for EL members to come together and collaborate on Environmental Impact. Lotteries are invited to commit to two specific environmental ...
Gambling-Related Harm & Athletes
4 min read
Responsible gaming
September 23, 2022 By Laura Da Silva
Gambling-Related Harm & Athletes   Gambling among athletes has increasingly attracted the interest of policymakers and key stakeholders over recent years. Indeed, research has shown that elite athletes are more vulnerable to gambling-r...
Is Blue Carbon the next big thing?
2 min read
September 06, 2022
The world’s biggest carbon polluter, China, is building a wall of mangroves around its coasts. This massive project could improve the countries and the global state of carbon emissions. Known for its ability to sequestrate and store carbon, mangroves...
Is Europe really dealing with formal duty of care and playing limits?
2 min read
Responsible gaming
August 08, 2022 By Laura Da Silva
Gambling-related harms should be a great concern to authorities and addressed through effective prevention policies. The Dutch Gambling Authority (Kansspel Autoriteit) commissioned a study on Gambling Legislation, duty of care and limit setting in 22...
Harm Minimisation Practices In The Field Of Online Lottery
3 min read
July 07, 2022
Key Learnings From Exploring Responsible Gambling Options For Harm Minimization In The Field Of Online LotteryThis is a snapshot summary of key learnings from this webinar, given by Alex Price, PhD, Centre for the Advancement of Best Practices, at th...
Taking Practical Actions Toward Net-Zero
5 min read
July 04, 2022
Net-zero 1 is an ambition which needs to be met if we are to curb the worst impacts of the climate crisis.Thinking about this can create overwhelming and despairing feelings. As learnt in the 3rd week of Understanding the climate crisis: A three-week...
“It is riskier to be stagnant than to move and change”
5 min read
June 20, 2022
“It is riskier to be stagnant than to move and change” - Reflections from the IRM Business Change ConferenceBeing a rule breaker is seen as a negative rebellious attribute. One often given to criminals and pirates and not generally to workers in thei...
Social Good Campaigns: Positive Impact Advertising
4 min read
May 27, 2022 By Laura Da Silva
  In today’s world, we see adverts all day, every day. Whether this is on our TVs, on live billboards on our way to work or in advert breaks in our favourite podcasts, they saturate our lives. Most advertising is used solely to convi...
Sports Integrity and Manipulation
5 min read
Responsible gaming Research
April 26, 2022
The world's most prominent global sports competition, the Olympic Games, dates back to 760 B.C. Of course, at the time, it was a purely Greek event. According to David Goldblatt’s research, manipulation of sports events, in many different forms, can ...
The Meteoric Rise Of Esports
4 min read
Responsible gaming
April 22, 2022
‘Is it a form of sports or not?’ remains an important question people ask when discussing esports. Indeed, its definition has many broad implications for financing, regulation and supervision, and the gaming industry, to name but a few. In this ...
Responsible Gaming Tool: "Self-Exclusion"
3 min read
Responsible gaming
April 12, 2022
Having a self-exclusion programme, which allows players to block themselves from gaming providers and their products, is no longer optional for many gaming companies. Out of 27 EU Member States, plus the UK, 18 have national self-exclusion registers,...
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