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Social Good Campaigns: Positive Impact Advertising
5 min read
May 27, 2022By Phoebe Davey
In today’s world, we see adverts all day, every day. Whether this is on our TVs, on live billboards on our way to work or in advert breaks in our favourite podcasts, they saturate our lives.Most advertising is used solely to convince us to buy more p...
Sports Integrity and Manipulation
5 min read
Responsible gaming Research
April 26, 2022By Phoebe Davey
The world's most prominent global sports competition, the Olympic Games, dates back to 760 B.C. Of course, at the time, it was a purely Greek event. According to David Goldblatt’s research, manipulation of sports events, in many different forms, can ...
The Meteoric Rise Of Esports
4 min read
Responsible gaming
April 22, 2022By Phoebe Davey
‘Is it a form of sports or not?’ remains an important question people ask when discussing esports. Indeed, its definition has many broad implications for financing, regulation and supervision, and the gaming industry, to name but a few. In this ...
Responsible Gaming Tool: "Self-Exclusion"
3 min read
Responsible gaming
April 12, 2022By Phoebe Davey
Having a self-exclusion programme, which allows players to block themselves from gaming providers and their products, is no longer optional for many gaming companies. Out of 27 EU Member States, plus the UK, 18 have national self-exclusion registers,...
Minimum Gambling Age and Why Regulators Believe it is Important
4 min read
Research Responsible gaming
April 04, 2022By Phoebe Davey
France was one of the first to raise its minimum gambling age from 16 to 18 in 2007. Today, nearly all EU jurisdictions have set their legal gambling age to 18, whereas, in the US, the minimum age has always primarily been 21. One of the last in the ...
Loyalty and Rewards Programmes for Players
6 min read
Responsible gaming
March 31, 2022By Phoebe Davey
Linking Loyalty Programs To Responsible Gaming Tool UseWohl (2017) ‘Evidence Exchange Report’ Linked here“For a Responsible Gaming orientated loyalty scheme, in addition to (Or instead of) receiving points for money spent gaming, players would receiv...
Responsible Gaming Codes of Conduct – Are they worth the paper they are written on?
4 min read
Responsible gaming
March 14, 2022By Phoebe Davey
Responsible Gaming Codes of Conduct – Are they worth the paper they are written on?Manuals on Responsible Gaming and advertising are popular among gaming operators and associations. We want to shed some light on whether those codes are indeed a good ...
Responsible gaming tool: “Limit Setting” – its chances, challenges and shortfalls
5 min read
Research Responsible gaming
March 10, 2022By Phoebe Davey
Today, there are many limit setting Responsible Gaming tools – these can be imposed or self-imposed, by obligation or free choice. Most popular are still deposit and stake limits. These are the easiest to implement and monitor. While deposit limits a...
Reporting using the UN Sustainable Development Goals
4 min read
Sustainability Reporting Environment
March 03, 2022By Phoebe Davey
The UN 2030 Agenda, adopted in 2015 after agreement by all 193 member states, focuses on 17 critical issues in 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These goals address action against the world's most urgent issues for economics, society and th...
GambleAware: Women’s Gambling Harm Prevention Campaign
3 min read
Player Education
February 04, 2022By Phoebe Davey
On Thursday the 3rd of February, GambleAware held a webinar to spotlight the launch of their new gambling harm prevention campaign. This is targeted specifically at women. As shown by academic research, men and women often experience gambling differe...
Die vielschichtige Responsible Gaming-Regulierung Deutschlands
4 min read
Responsible gaming
January 19, 2022By Laura Da Silva
Die vielfältige Responsible Gaming-Regulierung DeutschlandsSpieler- und Jugendschutz wird in Deutschland „Groß“ geschrieben. Mit dem Inkrafttreten des neuen Glücksspielstaatsvertrags zum 1. Juli des vergangenen Jahres hat das Land heute wohl die umfa...
What is the Science Based Targets Initiative?
8 min read
January 13, 2022By Phoebe Davey
The Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) provides clarity and guidance to companies on how to set ambitious science-based targets to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. These targets are in alignment with the Paris Agreement and are essen...
Accountability, Transparency and Sustainability Reporting
6 min read
ESG Sustainability CSR Reporting
January 10, 2022By Phoebe Davey
Keeping track and reporting on the impact of your business, beyond financial metrics, is crucial to create stronger relationships with stakeholders through transparency.Sustainability reporting is a type of non-financial reporting, in which informati...
ESG & how to get your teams behind you
6 min read
ESG Sustainability Employee engagement
January 03, 2022By Phoebe Davey
Sustainability or ESG is never the job of one Sustainability Director or one CEO. It always relies on everyone at a company to understand, implement and promote a better way of doing business. But, how do you get teams behind a different way of think...