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Social Media Risk Assessment

Social Media Risk Assessment.

Why is assessing Social Media risk Important?

The power of social media today is huge and growing with every tweet, post and picture. Many organisations are harnessing this power to grow their brands and reach consumers in new and exciting ways. However, social media does create different kinds of risk to other technologies, one reason being because of the speed at which it can carry information. Organisations need to make sure that they use social media appropriately, taking special care not to use pages, blogs, channels or influencers that are followed specifically or mainly by minors or vulnerable adults. As its reach increases, the risks created by social media to individual and organisational safety are also increasing. It is therefore important that your organisation understands how to keep itself, its employees and its customers safe. A Social Media Risk Assessment is an analysis of all risks your organisation faces through the use of social media and suggest measures that you should put in place to mitigate/prevent them.

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DigitalRG is the only platform that enables you to:

  1. Assess where you stand on responsible gaming, CSR and sports integrity ;
  2. Develop the right plan and strategy based on best practices - why would you waste time re-inventing the wheel? ;
  3. Implement the best actions by providing you access to industry leading tools and e-learning for you and your colleagues ;
  4. Measure the effectiveness of your actions so you can focus on what truly works.

Accessing DigitalRG means signing up to a one-year membership that gives you access to:


The session revolves around understanding what you already have in place in your company, what will be most useful and already preparing the appropriate format & content for your CSR/RG plan.


We will show you all that DigitalRG enables you to do, and how others have saved time and money by using the tool. Your unique access to DigitalRG, will have been personalised for you and your company for a best experience.


  • Certification tools: We have created easy-to-use tools that enable you to know if you are ready for a certification level such as WLA, EL, G4, GamCare (...) and many more certifications and standards. You can always suggest other certifications and standards that may be of interest. The tool will tell you where you stand compare to the certification and which areas you need to specifically focus on.
  • Benchmarks: How do you compare to your competitors in the industry? Our benchmarking tool with provide you with a ranking against your peers on CSR, RG and Sports Ethics related issues. The benchmark report has been used as part of business cases shared with management of our clients.


  • Project management template: We have worked with dozens of gaming companies to help them implement RG and CSR plans. Our experience have led us to create templated project management boards that can be adapted to companies that wish to be on the road to greatness on these issues.
  • Integrated collaboration tool: The easy to use tool tells you what's being worked on, who's working on what. It also shows you a timeline that you can share with anyone in your business. and it doesn't hurt that it looks great.


  • e-Learning: DigitalRG hosts a number of e-learning that you can share with employees of your companies, while tracking progress, success and effectiveness of the training.
  • Tailored e-learning (additional costs): if you would like to have your own branded training with content that reflects your specific company, products, ... we can develop the script of the training, the content (including videos, animations...), and make the training available through DigitalRG
  • Game Design assessment: DigitalRG provides you with a basic game design assessment and can point you towards the right tools if you need more developed analysis.
  • Quizzes: Yes! Responsible gaming CAN be fun to learn about. We have developed a number of interactive quizzes that you can share with employees (and players) on a regular basis during the year, though DigitalRG, your intranet or social media. This keeps people engaged in a positive way about these critical issues.
  • Research: We have compiled a list of research and places where to find research as well as a list of events that you can attend worldwide to learn more.


  • KPI tracker templates: Do you know what to measure? Do you know how? Again, no need to re-invent the wheel. We have compiled a list of KPI's that are tracked by gaming (and non-gaming) companies worldwide in order to measure the effectiveness of CSR and RG strategies. It makes a distinction between effectiveness and monitoring (for example: 100% of employees trained is monitoring. 90% of employees have increased their knowledge after completing an e-learning is effectiveness).
  • Reporting: We provide you with information about the various reporting options you should consider in order to engage stakeholders on your actions, and continuously improve.

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