Recognising Gambling Harms and Interacting with Players by Efi Malama (CPD Certified)

This training will help you:

Recognise concerning behaviours,

Feel more confident on how to approach a conversation with players,

Understand the tools to help you negotiate difficult conversations.

Who should attend?

Frontline Staff, Customer service teams, anyone who may interact with people who gamble.

Content created by :

Efi Malama, a business psychologist and counsellor specialising in gambling addiction, digital treatment and recovery.


Approximately 45 minutes.

CPD Accredited: 

This training is CPD accredited

Curriculum :
1. Welcome!
2. Part 1 : Recognising Concerning Behaviours
3. Part 2 : Interaction: Conversations and Body Language
4. Part 3 : Intervention: F.R.A.M.E.S.
5. Summary