Brand Purpose and Cause Marketing Speaker Samuel Scott

By Laura Da Silva February 27, 2023 2 min read

Samuel Scott is a speaker who focuses on brand purpose and cause marketing. He believes that successful brands have a clear sense of purpose beyond making money, and that they should use that purpose to make a positive impact on society. This can be achieved through cause marketing, which involves aligning a brand with a particular cause or issue and using marketing to raise awareness and support for that cause. Scott argues that cause marketing can benefit both the brand and the cause, as it can help the brand to build stronger relationships with customers who share its values, while also making a meaningful contribution to society. However, he cautions that cause marketing must be done authentically and with genuine commitment to the cause, as consumers are quick to recognize and reject attempts at "cause-washing" or insincere marketing.

Watch the video, and here's a quick intro to it: 


The concept of brand purpose has been a topic of debate among marketers. While some believe that advertising a company's political or social values can attract customers, others see it as just a public relations tactic. However, the speaker argues that there is an intersection of profit and purpose, where companies can help the world and their businesses simultaneously. The talk highlights several examples of purpose-centric businesses, including Rosa's Fresh Pizza, KFC in the UK, and the Australian dairy industry. These companies have implemented initiatives that help the world without explicitly advertising them to customers. The speaker also discusses Warby Parker, which found that its "Buy a Pair, Give a Pair" program did not attract customers, but it did help the company attract and retain talent. Overall, the talk suggests that companies can benefit from having a brand purpose, but it is not a guarantee of success.