Location United States
Posted Date October 17, 2023
Company Email [email protected]
Company Website https://www.caesars.com
Job type Full Time

The job of a SAR/KYC Analyst at Caesars Sportsbook is a crucial role within the Compliance team, as it plays a pivotal part in ensuring the integrity and legality of the organization's operations in the rapidly expanding sports betting industry. This job is focused on maintaining compliance with the ever-evolving regulations and anti-money laundering (AML) guidelines while protecting the business from potential financial risks and illicit activities.

The primary responsibilities of a SAR/KYC Analyst can be summarized as follows:

1. Suspicious Activity Analysis: The analyst conducts in-depth research and investigation into various transactions across the business units. They carefully scrutinize activities to identify any irregular or suspicious behavior.

2. Regulatory Compliance: Maintaining a thorough understanding of the Bank Secrecy Act and other AML and OFAC regulations is essential. Compliance is critical to avoid legal issues and adhere to regulatory agency requirements.

3. Due-Diligence Investigations: The role requires performing due-diligence investigations as stipulated by the AML Compliance Program. This involves thorough examination of account activities and other financial data.

4. Entity Data Validation: The analyst must ensure that entity data is accurate by using both internal and external data sources, thus minimizing risks associated with fraud and financial crimes.

5. KYC Reviews: Prompt Know Your Customer (KYC) reviews are vital for compliance. The analyst needs to ensure timely and accurate identification of customers to prevent fraudulent activities.

6. Proactive Risk Assessment: Being able to proactively identify and assess potential concerns and risks is key in this role. This ability helps in preventing suspicious activities before they escalate.

7. SAR Reporting: Preparing and communicating Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) is a core responsibility. These reports should include transaction details, analysis, findings, and supporting documentation, ensuring the accuracy of the SARs using a risk-based approach.

8. Training and Communication: The analyst may be involved in developing departmental training for colleagues, assisting them in identifying suspicious activities. Effective communication with cross-functional departments is also necessary to safeguard the business's integrity.

9. Customer Data Audits: Regular audits on customer data are performed to detect and prevent suspicious activities.

10. Regulatory Updates: Staying up to date with state and federal AML, SAR, and KYC regulations is crucial to maintain compliance with company and regulatory guidelines.

11. Additional Responsibilities: The analyst may be assigned other duties, such as assisting with Currency Transaction Report (CTR) audit reviews.

In terms of qualifications and requirements, candidates for this position should ideally possess:

- AML Experience: A minimum of 3-5 years of experience in AML, preferably in a regulated industry such as casino/gaming. This experience is essential for understanding the complexities of financial transactions and regulations in the gaming sector.

- Technical Skills: Proficiency in using MS Office tools, especially Excel and Word, is necessary to analyze and document data effectively.

- Attention to Detail: Given the critical nature of this role, strong attention to detail is a must.

- Communication Skills: Effective communication is crucial, as the role involves coordination with various departments within the organization.

- Regulatory Knowledge: A good grasp of regulations under Title 31, FinCEN, and similar bodies is vital for ensuring compliance.

- Teamwork: The ability to work both independently and as part of a team is important, as collaboration is essential in a fast-paced environment.

- Background Checks: Candidates must successfully pass a drug screen, and background check, and obtain a gaming license in jurisdictions as required by company and regulatory rules.

Additionally, the job may have some physical requirements, including the ability to sit, type, and engage in phone conversations for extended periods. Regular attendance in the office is also expected.

A SAR/KYC Analyst at Caesars Sportsbook is entrusted with a vital role in safeguarding the company's financial integrity and ensuring regulatory compliance in a dynamic and growing industry. This position requires a strong foundation in AML practices, technical proficiency, and a keen eye for detail. Success in this role contributes significantly to the organization's ongoing expansion and success in the sports betting market.