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Making the process of applying for independent certifications easier.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Responsible Gaming certifications require the involvement of various business stakeholders. Moreover, a number of certifications exist with similar content and requirements. This tool turns existing certifications into a series of questions that can be shared easily with colleagues. Their responses are uploaded directly into a master document that can be reviewed and edited. There is the ability to upload supporting documents to ensure your auditor has all the documents in one place, saving them time and saving you money.

Automatic reminders ensure colleagues do not forget to participate in the development of a robust certification response. Similar questions/responses across certifications will be populating all response documents without a need to ask colleagues to participate again.

3 key benefits:

+ Time saving by turning certifications into easily digestible questions.

+ No need to answer the same questions twice for various certifications.

+ Easy involvement of colleagues, automated reminders and one central version of responses.